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Hi! This is orri, and welcome to my info carrd! If you'd like to view my artwork specifically, please navigate to the portfolio button above!Additionally, you can find me on all my socials with the linktree button above!Click the arrow below to learn more about me!


Hi there! It's a pleasure to meet ya!I'm orri, and I mostly draw fanart for whatever is occupying my brain space! To my detriment, I like too many things and don't have enough time to draw for every single thing... Most of my art is illustrated with a flat, cell-shaded anime art style, and I like using warm saturated colors!My main interests lie in Nintendo games, joseimuke media, seinen anime/manga, and JP rhythm games! You'll find that the fanart I make is mostly of characters belonging to franchises within these categories!I mostly post art on my Twitter (main / i7 alt / sub acc) and instagram! I'm active across these accounts, but actively post art/wips on my sub Twitter - I use it for random posting!If you'd like to read a little more about the things I like, click the arrow!

☆ orri's commission info ☆

hello! thank you for checking out my commission info page! please be sure to read through my Terms of Service before contacting me!
(hint hint, you will need a password to have your commission request approved)


☆ how to commission ☆

There are 2 ways to commission me:1. Contact me directly via social media or email!
TWITTER - @iirokagi
IG - i70harv
EMAIL - [email protected]
(You will still be required to fill out the commission form after to officially submit your request)
OR2. Fill out my commission form right away!Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about the process!

☆ workflow ☆

I receive your request via Google form.

If approved, I will reach out with a quote via email or social media!

The quote is approved.

I will send a Paypal invoice for you to pay before the commission is started. Once paid, I will start your commission!

I will send you WIPs/progress images of the commission at several stages (ex. sketch/flat color/etc). This gives you a chance to make any revisions! Please note that revisions can incur additional fees.

Once finished, I will send the HD file of the commission to you (through Google Drive) via social media DMs or email.

☆ can draw/can't draw ☆

OCs/Vtubers/AvatarsFurry (nekomimi okay)/Animals
MILD NSFW (e.g. swimsuits, lingerie, etc.)Complex/Heavy Armor
-Muscly Characters (I WISH...)

☆ terms of service ☆

• I can decline your commission request (I will notify you if this is the case, and the reason why) if I feel that I am unable to do it.
• Payment is paid UPFRONT before I start your commission (via PayPal invoice). I will not start a commission until it is paid for.
• Turnaround time can range from 1 week to 2 months (I will regularly update you at each stage of the process).
• If the commission is time sensitive, please indicate that on the commission form (this may incur additional fees - called a rush fee depending how quick it is needed).
Once the commission is started, it is non-refundable.
• I will NOT design an OC for you. It’s okay to not have a drawn reference - I will take references made via piccrew, for example. However, I will not draw a character based purely on a written description.
• Revisions can be made during the sketch stage of the commission, but cannot be made after.
• Minor revisions are free, but large revisions (such as changing the entire pose or character) will incur fees.
• You are allowed to use the finished commission as your banner/pfp, but I MUST be credited somewhere on your profile.
You may NOT use the commission for AI, crypto, NFT purposes.
• You may NOT reproduce my artwork in any way, shape, or form (on keychains, T-shirts, posters etc.) for selling purposes (unless you have paid the commercial use fee). Personal use is fine!
• I will NOT mimic another art style.
• Your commission may be used as an example in my commission portfolio - please let me know if you would like your commission to be excluded on the commission form!
Thank you for reading my Terms of Service! The password for the last question on this form is: irkgscomms23

regular commission status

1 (Carmy)Semi-Render Full BodyLining
2 (Sam)Flat Color Half Body; 2 CharactersSketch Awaiting Approval
3 (Soap)Flat Color HeadshotApproved; To be contacted
4 (Cain)Flat Color Half Body/Bust; 2 charactersApproved; To be contacted
5 (free)  

heart-hand ych slot status

Slot (Name)Hand TypeStatus
1-2 (Joanne)Half Heart/Whole Heart 1Invoiced
3 (Cheri)Whole Heart 1Invoiced
4 (Yuli)Whole Heart 1Invoiced
5 (Hex)Finger HeartIn Progress

heart-hand ych waitlist

60/50 taken (i may have ... let it overflow)

✧ main interests ✧

And now we're at the 'Interests' section ... I find myself bouncing between a million interests at a time, but here's a boiled down list as a little 'get to know what I'm into' (lol).

The Legend of Zelda series has been my favorite video game franchise ever since I was in elementary school. It is probably my most prominent interest, and it will always come back to cause me some sort of brainrot even if it's not my main fixation!

☆ favorite installments
ocarina of time > the wind waker > tears of the kingdom
☆ my personal loz tier list
☆ S+ tier: Oot | ww
☆ S tier: totk | altp
☆ A tier: ss | la | mm | botw | mc | albw
☆ B+ tier: tp | ph
☆ B tier: fs | oos | ooa | tloz | aol

IDOLiSH7 is so dear to my heart... The series is home to many of my favorite characters/character dynamics of all time. I would recommend this franchise to anyone interested in watching/reading something that comments on the entertainment industry, is character driven, and works with the primary theme of found family!This is where I'd make a list of my favorite characters but I genuinely love the cast so much I find it hard to rank them... In no particular order though, my oshis are Yuki, Momo, Haruka, Iori, Toma, Tamaki, and Sogo! My favorite group is ZOOL ♡

✧ other interests ✧

• kururingo
• pinocchio-p

Vocaloid is extremely important to me! I find a lot of inspiration from Vocaloid music and have personally used the genre as a crutch growing up. I'd say majority of the music I listen to are from Vocaloid producers!

• A3!
• Project Sekai
• Fire Emblem (Primarily three houses)
• OTOGE (code:realize + collar x malice)
• danganronpa
• chainsaw man (fav!!!!)
• mob psycho 100 (FAV!!!!!)
• Spy x Family
• My Hero Academia (I have a love/meh relationship with it, lol)
• evangelion
• hunter x hunter (fav!!!!)
• flowers of evil
• blue period
• oyasumi punpun
• skip and loafer
• Mahoyaku
• Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
• lovely complex

Here are other games and animanga I like! In list form because I'd run out of elements if I wrote a little blurb for every single one of them.Below this list, you'll find a list of some of my lomls!!!

• Kumon, itaru, taichi (a3!)
• Miles, Kazuma, herlock sholmes (AA)
Hilda, Marianne, Lysithea, Dorothea, Dimitri, Ferdinand (Fe3h)
• denji, power (CSM)
• nanami, Hajime, Touko, shuichi (dr)
• shigeo, ritsu (MP100)
• asuka langley soryu (eva - AND NO. NOT ASUKA FROM THE REBUILDS!!!!!)
• bakugo, todoroki (MHA)
• saeki (cxm), victor (code:realize)
• kurapika, killua (hxh)
• hajime, mika (enstars)
an, mizuki, ena, mafuyu, tsukasa, emu, honami, shizuku (prsk)
• pomu, elira, shu, sonny (nijisanji en)
kanae, akina, hibari, kuzuha (nijisanji jp)

Thanks for taking time to read my little brainrot page (though this isn't even me at my fullest brainrot power LOL). Hope it feels like you learned a little more about me!